Go Green: Helping The Environment At Home

- A series of workshops are teaching people in our area how to make environmentally friendly choices at home.

Paul Arnold is always looking for new ways to help out the environment. That is why he decided to attend the "Green Homes For Cleaner Lakes" workshop series. 

"There's a lot of info not out there and even if it is out there people don't do it. People have trouble changing I think," he said.

These workshops are being put on by the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute. They are funded by grants and are free to the public.

"They are really focused on the great lakes and water quality; so things that we can do at home that impact water quality," he said.

Kate Winnbeck is an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist. She is teaching the classes with the goal of making our lakes cleaner- one household at a time. 

"A lot of people don't realize the things they do at home can have a big impact. So things like cleaning products, personal care products, what is in your shampoo, what's in the things that are going down the drain. Those all have a really strong impact on our water quality," she said.

A workshop held earlier this week focused on household products like CFL light bulbs, fertilizers and pesticides. 

"This is just the first of several workshops being held here at the YMCA," Winnbeck said. "[It's] really [about] educating the public, consumers, things they can do at home to make changes."

Arnold hopes he can use and share these helpful tips. 

"Environmental things are my passion. I try to learn a lot about it and present it to other people and I try to walk the talk," he said.

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