Go Green: Greentopia 2013

- This year's Greentopia Festival is set for September 10-15 in Rochester.

Now in its third year, the Festival continues to grow.  "Really it's like putting on five unique and distinct festivals, all around the theme of sustainability," said Greentopia Co-Founder Michael Philipson.

This year's Festival will include an EcoFest, MusicFest, FilmFest, DesignFest and a Futures Summit.  The Future Summit will take place at Kodak's Theatre on the Ridge and feature over 40 speakers addressing topics like urban design, water use and land use.  "Greentopia is about sustainability in its broadest sense, really, in all its forms; how do we sustain our bodies, our health, healthy living, exercise, good food; how do we sustain our joy and our minds through the arts and music and performing arts and visual arts, and all of that as well, and then how do we sustain the planet and our cultures," said Philipson.

Model and actress Mariel Hemingway will be at the Little Theatre on Saturday, September 14 to present her film "Running From Crazy."  The Festival is aimed at provoking thought and action.  With Greentopia, the vision is always forward-thinking.  Philipson hopes a section of Brown's Race in Rochester's High Falls will become the first phase of a GardenAerial by 2015.  The sunken raceway will be filled with a natural planting and water feature.  The Flour Garden, a nod to Rochester's past, will be a window to a greener High Falls in the city's future.

Greentopia is bringing that vision to the masses.  "We're really able to bring a focus to sustainability, for people to start learning about it, to not be afraid of it, to know that they can implement things into their daily lives that are pretty easy to do," said Philipson.

For a complete schedule of Greentopia Festival events, click here.

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