Go Green: Green Products From A Green Company

- Pioneer Millworks in Farmington rescues and re-uses wood from buildings that are being torn down. But it is not just the product that is green.

Before you event step foot inside, you can already see the environment is top of mind. A total of 188 solar panels line the roof, and soon that number will double. 

"That's going to allow us to generate our own electricity on the few sunny days we get in upstate New York," Jered Slusser said.

Inside the mill, the green trend continues. Each recycled wood project creates a lot of scraps and sawdust. But none of it ends up in the landfill. 

"We capture all of our scraps and heat offices and shops with our scraps. We also sell all the sawdust we produce on average. Ninety-five tons a month goes to animal bedding; fuel not being wasted," general manager Jennifer Young said. 

Even the mill at Pioneer Millworks is recycled. It used to be the Raceway Bowling Alley. The company is also part of a Forest Stewardship Council, which means they meet strict environmental standards.

"We were one of the first three in the country to go to that length and by doing that, it is proving to the public; proving to everyone that we are actually doing this the right way," Young said.

A company with green roots in the recycled wood industry.

"All of these things come together so we are not just being green in our facility, but the products we produce are about as green as you can get," Sussler said.

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