Go Green: Fuel Patch

- A local man thinks he answer to cutting down on harmful auto emissions.

It is no secret- the cars we drive are one of the world's largest polluters, sending 333 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. But a local man has a product he thinks can lessen that impact. It is called the fuel patch.

"[It] reduces emissions, decreases how much carbon buildup is in an engine, increases fuel economy and increases performance of a vehicle," Josh Delorey said.

The tiny patch is stuck on the outside of a car's gas tank.

"[It] emits a field like a magnet would and aligns the molecules in the fuel in order to burn clean," he said.

It is made in California, but Josh Delorey's company, Green Saver, is the local distributor. He says it is brand new nano-technology that he hopes will catch on. 

"It would be an option when you go to buy a car. Also, any automotive places would be able to carry it also, so you go get a tune up done, get one put on. [It is] available online right now through us," he said.

Delorey just started selling the product in November. Each patch costs $299, but he says you will get that money back in savings at the gas pump. For more information on the fuel pump, click here.

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