Go Green: Espada

- Espada Brazilian Steakhouse offers fine dining with a healthy serving of eco-friendly features.

Nestled in Rochester's Village Gate, Espada opened its doors last November.  The goal for owners Kristen Flores-Fratto and her husband was to create memorable dining in an eco-friendly way.  "We're just trying to keep our footprint as small as we possibly can," said Flores-Fratto.

Espada is powered 100 percent by renewable energy.  That's just one of the ways the owners are doing their part to help the environment.  "If everybody throws up their hands and says, well there's nothing I individually can do about it, it's never going to change, we're going to be as wasteful as we have been," said Flores-Fratto.

Very little is wasted at Espada.  Most of the wood decor is reclaimed, meaning it's getting a second use.  The tiling comes from recycled glass.  One of the more visual aspects of Espada's green approach are the chairs around the restaurant.  The colorful seats were fashioned from the wood of an old Brazilian ship.  Capturing a sense of Brazil was a big part of the vision.  "We have a lot of very natural plant beauty throughout the restaurant, kind of giving a look of the Brazilian rainforest, the Brazilian outdoors," said Flores-Fratto.  "We really wanted to convey that feeling."

A high efficiency hood system helps Espada reduce cooking energy consumption.  They've also taken smaller steps.  Mason jars adorn some of the light fixtures.  Flores-Fratto says they'll continue to seek ways to be eco-friendly.  "We're really proud of this space," she said.  "We feel like we did it economically and with very limited effect on the environment."

For more information about Espada, click here.

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