Go Green: Community Compost

- Food waste in a big problem in the U.S., but two local men are making it easy to compost food scraps. 

Brent Arnold and Steve Kraft have made a business out of picking up other people's leftovers.

"We've been composting for a long time and really feel that it' s real important because so much of the waste stream in America gets put in the landfill; but really taking valuable materials and being lost forever," Brent said.

The men started a compost pile for friends a few years back and soon outgrew the space. So they decided to start up a pick-up service to help combat the food waste problem.

"When you follow the line of what happens to that food waste when it ends up in the landfill it releases methane gas. It stinks, it stinks up your own garbage, it's heavy it's a problem; environmental problem," he said.

They collect vegetable scraps, fruit peels, even meat and dairy products and bring them to a company called Epithergy. There it is turned into a finished compost used for gardening. 

"They really can take any food product that you have so there really is not a lot of thinking put anything food related into the bin," he said.

On average, customers pay about $30 a month and in return can get the finished compost or a potted plant. You can also donate your share to a community garden. 

"The business started up one year ago.  Right now 106 customers serving areas in city like here on Gibbs Street," he said.

It's been growing slowly but steadily ever since and we have lost almost none of our customers; something people really enjoy," he said. 

Right now, their service area is small but they are collecting addresses on their website and may soon expand.

"We're turning something that used to be valueless like a piece of trash and turning it into an actual valuable resource," he said.

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