Go Green: Camp SustainAgility

Camp SustainAgility is new summer camp designed to teach middle school-aged children about sustainability and empower them with the skills to reshape the future.

MaryFrances Bluebird Haven in Victor is the setting for the new camp.  It's being offered by the Center for Sustainable Living from August 12-16 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.  Camp SustainAgility is the brainchild of Kathleen Draper.  "The way I like to describe it is, kind of bringing old-fashioned 19th century skills with 21st century skills of collaboration, creativity," said Draper.

The camp is open to middle school-aged children.  It will focus on themes like sustainability, climate change, biodiversity and water.  As part of the instruction, children in the Do It Yourself track will learn how to make things like lotions, deodorants and body sprays with natural materials that are chemical free.  "We want them to see clean food, clean products, clean because we want them to make these decisions for themselves later in life," said Camp Instructor Christine Bailey-Clar.

Campers will also learn about permaculture, a design science rooted in natural systems to create real sustainability.  The camp isn't just about nurturing young minds, however, it's also about empowering the campers to make positive changes in their lives.  "We kind of want to show kids that kids can have a huge impact because sometimes they don't believe that," said Draper.

Campers will also have an eye on the future as they learn about sustainability careers. "I see all the energy that my son has to learn about things and to try to create things and do things differently, and I'd like to inspire him and other children to use all that energy and creativity to do really positive things in the world," said Camp Instructor Patty Love.

For more information about Camp SustainAgility, call the Victor Parks and Recreation Department at 585-742-0140 or, click here.

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