Go Green: Camp Bow Wow

The dog days of summer will be more enjoyable this year for one group of canines.  They're enjoying an upgrade that's also good for the environment.

These are good days at Camp Bow Wow in Henrietta, both for the dogs, and owner Lee Wilson. The dog care facility recently replaced the pea gravel in its outdoor play yards with new synthetic turf.

"It's just really awesome, it's really sustainable, it's all from recycled materials," said Wilson.

Wilson says most dogs love real grass, but the turf is similar, and is much better when it comes to the upkeep.

"It turns out if we were to have real grass out here it would probably range to about a 150,000 gallons a year of water that we would be consuming," said Wilson.

And with the gravel gone, there's no more ground up powder to wash off the inside walls.  Wilson says that saves another 10,000 gallons.

Another environmental advantage of the turf is not having to use fertilizer or pesticides to treat it.

When it comes to puppy paws, that's important.

"We don't want the dogs walking on it.  We don't want them eating it and all those things that come with real grass, so really the synthetic stuff is the way to go," said Wilson.

The turf assembles in small sections, so it's easy to clean and, if necessary, replace.  It's easy to see how the dogs feel about it.

"It gives them a lot of traction, they're really moving and exercising a lot more and that's really what we're here for to begin with is to get the dogs out exercising, having fun and enjoying the nice days when Rochester cooperates with us," said Wilson.

Rain or shine, it's a win for the planet and the pups.

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