Go Green: Bristol Park

- Bristol Mountain is about to break ground on an aerial adventure park, and they are keeping the environment in mind during the expansion. 

Just yards away from the ski lifts at Bristol Mountain, work is set to begin on a whole new adventure. 

"It's a jungle gym in the trees. We will have zip-lines, ropes course, bridge elements; 92 in the park," Steven Fuller said.

Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventure is set to open Memorial Day weekend. It will be a way for families to enjoy the outdoors during warmer months.

"Think outdoors. We want to protect the environment as much as possible; 350 people a day. [The] great thing about it [is it's] all going to be sustainable," Fuller said.

Bristol is being careful not to harm the environment in the process.

"All of the platforms being built on are using trees, tensioning and fastening; no screws in the trees," he said.

They are also keeping close tabs on the materials they use, and the actual build will be green too. 

"When we actually bring the materials to the park, everything will be raised by hand. No mechanics, machinery into the forest. No need to take trees down in order to get equipment into the woods," he said.

This project will have an economic impact as well. Seven new jobs will be created and it will keep a lot of families here spending time in the summer months. Fuller says there are only about 50 other parks like this in the U.S.

"If you look into the woods there is a great environment around us. Why not take advantage of it," he said.

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