Go Green: Black Button Distilling

- Black Buttson Distilling opened up a few weeks ago near Rochester's Public Market. 

At Black Button Distilling, the bourbon is being poured. Jason Barrett is the owner of this new venture.

"It's a 10-day process for each one we make three different spirits; white right now. [We] make one a week to the tune of 900 bottle a week," he said.

They have a tasting room for white spirits like gin, moonshine and vodka now. The bourbon will be added when it's ready. The distilling process starts with 1,500 pounds of grain that they get from a local farmer. Once they extract the carbohydrates from it, the farmer gets it back as feed for his cows. It's part of what makes the process green. 

"They eat it for breakfast the next morning. [It's] very nutritious for them, great deal for him. We buy the grain and two weeks later give it back to him. All we did was take the carbs out," Barrett said.

The green benefits extend beyond just the animal feed. This system uses less water than most.

"We have a glycol tank that runs off the condenser of the brewery next door and we are able to save 2,500 gallons of water a week by not having to just run water through the system constantly pouring it down the drain," he said.

The beams and floors are original to the building and even the bar in the tasting room has a green twist. 

"Our bar is built from old Jack Daniels barrels that we hammered apart; and much of our equipment in the back came used from Craigslist. 

It is an earth-friendly business that is relatively rare. There are only 37 other distilleries like this in the state. 

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