Go Green: April 24th, 2014

- Head lice can be a big headache for parents of school aged kids but two western New York women have found a way to get rid of the bugs in an environmentally friendly way.  Marnie Murray didn't want to put them on her children's head but at the time it was the only option.  So she and a friend began researching other alternatives and came up with this, "the method we have kills all stages of head lice and is 99.9 percent effective in doing that."

The business is called Naughty Nits.  They combine organic treatments with a new medical device called the air alle, "it uses heated air and works by desecation. It dehydrates all stages and pulls the water out so adults can't survive it."

It takes about two hours for a treatment.  For girls, the cost is 129 dollars, less for boys.  Murray says often times she sees an entire family, there's one in four kids that have it and if they have it. Their moms have a 90% chance of having it."

A statistic that leaves many families scratching their heads. 


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