Future Of LDC Case Against Wiesner Uncertain

- There is still no decision on whether the case against the husband of County Executive Maggie Brooks can proceed. 

During a court hearing Friday, Judge Robert Noonan heard arguments about whether the State Attorney General's office should release internal documents related to the prosecution and the decision to alert the media about Robert Wiesner's indictment. The Attorney General has agreed to drop the indictment against Wiesner because he was not allowed to testify before a grand jury. Wiesner wants the judge to dismiss the indictment and prevent it from going to another grand jury. 

"It goes to show this is a political prosecution like we've been saying from the beginning. There's no evidence. They've done all these things to hyper-politicize, hyper-expose this to the media, the perp walk, the press release, all of those things," defense attorney James Nobles said.

Wiesner is one of four people charged in a bid-rigging scheme involving the county's local development corporations. 

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