Frontier Communications Honors Vets

Each year, Memorial Day is set apart to honor those who've given their lives in defense of our country.

On Monday, one company paid tribute to those heroes with a visible "thank you." The "Honor and Remember" flag.
An emotional day for veterans who work at Frontier Communications. The company is holding a series of ceremonies across the nation to honor and remember fallen heroes and those who have served.
Joe Marr has worked at Frontier for 22 years. Before that, he served in Vietnam.

"I really believe in honoring those who gave their lives. Obviously, I was over there and I know people who lost their lives, so it means a lot to me," said Joe Marr.

An "Honor and Remember" flag now hangs at multiple Frontier buildings; a constant reminder of the sacrifices made by veterans.

Over the years, Frontier Communications has shown its commitment to soldiers returning home. Over ten percent of the workforce is veterans.

"These ceremonies today are a reflection of Frontiers' commitment to veterans and our recognition and appreciation for all those that have served," said Phil Yawman, Vice President and General Manager of Greater Rochester Frontier Communications.

"With the veterans that we have that our coming home after decades worth of war, these young men and women are going to be looking for work and a company like Frontier who just makes it outwardly know that they are veteran friendly, you can't ask for a better company than that," said Colonel Gary Yaple, President and CEO of Veterans Outreach Center.

"This is special because it's for those who gave their lives. The ultimate sacrifice," said Marr.

A proud moment for Joe and others who have served our country.

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