Free Eye Screening Saves A 6 Year Old's Life

- Six year old Brianna Leitten is no different than any other six year old. She likes to play with her toys and practice gymnastics.
Earlier in the year, Mike Bartle with the Bloomfield Lions Club came to Brianna's school to conduct free vision screenings.
After Brianna's test, he knew something wasn't right with her left eye. Bartle sent a letter out to Brianna's parents, Gerry and Dorie saying she needed further testing.
After listing to his advice, they got the worst news you could hear as a parent, your child has cancer.
A few days later, Brianna became blind in her left eye.
It had to be removed before the cancer could spread.
This news was an eye opener for Gerry and Dorie, who didn't know anything was wrong with their daughter to begin with.
Brianna now has a prosthetic eye, but she's still as active as she was before the surgery.
Her parents owe it all to the Bloomfield Lions Club. Brianna is now cancer free, Gerry and Dorie hope Brianna's story can help save more lives.
They're encouraging all parents to give their consent to the free screenings at school, to be safe.
The Bloomfield Lions Club was borrowing cameras for their screenings, so the Leitten's collected cans and bottles and raised $6,000- for the club to buy their own cameras and save lives.
Tomorrow the family is having a can and bottle fundraiser from 8 am-1 pm for anyone who wants to donate.
It will be at Honeoye Valley Redemption Center, 4839 Honeoye Business Park.

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