Fourth Victim Dies From Penfield Mobile Home Fire

- Joe Breyette never imagined the only memories he would have left of his mother and father would be charred pictures and half burnt photo albums.
Just two days ago after the funeral of eight year old Tyler Doohan, his grandfather Stephen Smith, and his great grandfather, Lewis Beach, a fourth fire victim, Lewis' wife, 65 year old Barbara Beach died.
Barbara and Lewis' son Joe spent the morning at what's left of his parents home.
Gathering pictures and whatever else he could find to remember them by.
"They're all irreplaceable," Joe says. "If we could change it we would do it we just got done burying all three Wednesday, we didn't expect this, it came out of the blue for us."
Joe was confident his mother would make a full recovery.
Until around 1:00 this morning, he got a call from the hospital saying there was complications and his mother's fever had spiked.
He spent four hours with her before she died.
Joe tells us all his mother wanted was to be with her husband of 35 years again.
Joe explains, "The weird thing is when we were there she actually said to us that she sees Louie, we're thinking she's not all with it but now maybe he was there waiting for her because he knew."
Joe was planning on surprising his mother with a Jack Russell Terrier, after her dog died in the mobile home fire.
Barbara passed away before her son could give her the dog.
Now, he's going to keep it because the puppy reminds him of his mother.
"I wanted her when she got home to have a companion, something back to help ease what happened, now I'm going to keep the puppy in remembrance of her as to why I got the puppy," Joe says.
Tyler Doohan was a huge part of Barbara's life, and Joe credits him for getting his mother out alive.
He finds comfort knowing the four fire victims are reunited again.
Joe can't help but worry about his other five family members displaced from the fire.
So he's created a website, www/, asking the community to chip in as much as they can for the family, during this difficult time.
The goal is $100,000.

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