Former Buffalo Jill Defends Team

As of today, the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders are suspending all operations. The move comes on the heels of five former Buffalo Jills suing the organization for claims of mistreatment and low pay.

Amanda Phillips says her time as a Buffalo Jill cheerleader was a dream come true.

"I met all of these wonderful, amazing women," she said. "I'm a part of this sisterhood that takes care of each other."

Phillips was a Buffalo Jill from 2005 to 2008. She decided to quit to spend more time with family, yet she's still cheering on the organization. The 28-year-old from Geneva says she doesn't know the five women named in the suit, but she's read the entire thing. She said she's confused by the accusations that the Jills didn't adequately pay the women and that they were mistreated.

"It is gone over with you in detail about what's expected of you: the commitment, the time commitment, appearances and compensation," she said. "There are no surprises."

Phillips didn't make much money as a Jill. She held another job during her time as a cheerleader, just like a majority of her teammates.

"It's always been like this," Phillips said. "You know that going into it. I don't know any NFL cheerleader that said 'I'm going to be a cheerleader to make money and get rich.'"

Ultimately, she hopes the lawsuit doesn't deter others from trying out for the team - a team she still considers like a second family.

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