For One Penn Yan Store, It's Business As Usual

- Longs Cards and Books is one of the stores that saw major storm damage.  Even though there's still a lot of cleanup to be done, it's business as usual.  

Jeannine Clark has lived in Penn Yan for 79 years, she buys at least two books a week at Longs Cards and Books, "It's fabulous.  It has everything.  Everything,  they have it, and the people who own and work here are fabulous people."  Clark was heartbroken when she found out this store could look like this.

Jim Long, the store's owner, said, ""The basement was the worst because that's where the creek was we pretty much lost everything in the basement."  Jim long spent the morning clearing out his store that's been in his family for years, piling everything that was once in the basement into dumpsters, and he did it with the help of volunteers.  Some didn't even know him personally but wanted to show their support.

Emily Snyder, a Penn Yan Academy junior, said, ""Our community is really strong and everyone is willing to help and that's excellent."  Jim Long added, ""Boy I'll tell you the volunteer help has been absolutely fantastic.  I had Penn Yan academy students down here, Keuka college students, we couldn't have got up and going without them, it's just.. Good."

Long says he's looking at more than $20,000 worth of damage and some are still shocked by how much this storm rocked Penn Yan.   Breonna Race, a Penn Yan academy senior, said ""I've grown up in Penn Yan.  I've been here my whole life and it's hard to see landmarks and stuff they just rebuilt come down."

Despite everything, Long says he is open to customers today. He's grateful for the volunteers who have helped accelerate the clean up process.

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