Tech Facility Headed To Eastman Business Park

- It is a sign of progress at the Eastman Business park as another tech company is moving in as an anchor tenant. 

The Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council wants to bring 1,800 jobs to the Eastman Business Park in five years.

"We recognized this is an extraordinary treasure. This is a property of great size, great potential and great opportunity," co-chairman Joel Seligman said.

The state of New York agrees.

"On behalf of Governor Cuomo, we announced an $8 million investment in a new high-tech start up company taking advantage of about 70,000 square feet of a building at Eastman Business Park and bringing in some exciting new technology from England and local partners to launch this company," Empire State Development CEO Kenneth Adams said.

Naturally Scientific U.S. is partnering with Rochester-based Sweetwater Energy. It will use sugars created by Sweetwater and turn them into oils and hundreds of local jobs. 

"We anticipate having 50 jobs in the plant by 2016. We expect to have over 200 jobs by 2017, 2018 as we continue to expand the operation," Keith Wilson said.

It is exciting news, but the council says there is more work to be done at Eastman Business park, and they cannot do it without help from the state. 

"Give us the means and we'll get the job done. You gave us the support for the latest two years; you're going to see we are getting the job done. Our sleeves are rolled up; we're determined to keep the progress going. 

New York State helped bring four companies to Eastman Business Park last year. 

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