Perez Will Be Out, Who Will Be In?

- Kodak CEO Antonio Perez will step down from his post after the company gets out of bankruptcy. But who will replace him?

Analysts say Kodak will need to find a CEO who is ready for a challenged and someone who has experience in the ever-changing commercial printing industry. Kodak's new Board of Directors will have to pick a new leader for the company. Perez has agreed to stay on for at least a year after bankruptcy emergence or until his successor is found.

"They need to bring somebody in who knows this business and who knows it well and compete in this business," financial analyst Doug Hendee said.

Simon School of Business professor Larry Matteson, worked as a Kodak executive until the early 90s. He says there is a future in commercial printing. But Kodak will have to go head-to-head with powerhouses like Xerox and Canon.

"There is a potential for success but it is still potential, there is a lot of hard work," Matteson said.

Matteson says the next CEO will likely come from outside the company. Retiree and author John Larish also thinks the CEO will come from outside Kodak.

"If you look at the backgrounds of their key people of management group, they are limited to the dimensions they bring to their jobs right now," Larish said.

Larish says the next CEO will need to have a new kind of vision for a new kind of Kodak.

"Where do you find another Steve Jobs, with the imagination and ability to reach - can still do it," he said.

Antonio Perez will stay with Kodak for an additional two years as a consultant to help the incoming CEO.

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