Only On 8: Spider-Man 2 on Kodak Film


The Hollywood-like chases and crashes filled Main Street again on Thursday for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' shoot.

Not only is part of the movie being shot in Rochester but it's being shot on film made in Rochester.

Kodak is getting put in the spotlight - even after being caught in a sticky financial web over the last year and a half.

Motion picture films are still a large part of it's business and its providing 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' with Kodak film.

"Rochester doesn't get a lot of action down here so it's cool, very cool," said

On top of a souped-up Mercedes is a camera filled with Kodak film.

"You are looking at Vision 3 capture film that is being used in Spider-Man 2 shoot right up on Main Street," said Andrew Evenski, president and general manager of Kodak's Entertainment and Commercial Films Group.

Kodak's newest line of motion picture film is what is capturing all of those action shots.

"They had an artistic choice to choose digital or film, they chose film," said Evenski.

All of the manufacturing still happens at Eastman Business Park.

Before the film can be shipped out it's finished at the park and it's all done behind closed doors in dark rooms.

"It's in the dark because the emulsions are light sensitive. Operators are back there putting longer rolls on, doing all of the quality checks," said Wayne Martin, Kodak Film Flow Manager.

Wayne Martin is Kodak's film flow manager.

"We take tender-loving care to make sure this gets from us to the customers in one piece," said Martin.

He gave us a tour of production as employees worked to ship out rolls of film headed for Latin America, Asia, and Hollywood.

"What she is doing is making sure the orders are right making sure there are not any defects," said Martin.

Defects could be a tear or a change in the film's coating.

Kodak aims for perfection.

"From our standpoint we are always looking at cross tradeoffs can we get cost lower for materials but not sacrificing quality," said Evenski.

Kodak has gained volume with the exit of Fuji.

But more productions are choosing digital.

Kodak says its not naive but there is a place for both, which is why motion picture film is part of the "new" Kodak.

"To continue to provide that artistic choice for cinematographers. And they are coming to us just like Spider-Man did, just like Man of Steel and others, come to Kodak film for that choice," said Evenski.

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