Kodak Unveils New Cameras at Las Vegas Electronics Show

Hal McLenon is Kodak's Worldwide Products Manager For Wireless Cameras. He's at the Giant Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas while he's telling everyone about Kodak's new cameras.

McLenon says "These are two great products. The EasyShare Wireless Camera is the 16 megapixel M-750 Camera. It connects to available WIFI networks.

All you have to do is press the share button and automatically send pictures to social media websites. It also connect to smartphones through kodak easyshare app. It will be Available in stores in April snd sell for around $170.

The second product Kodak unveiled is a new grab and go video camera. McLenon says "It's the Playfull Pocket Video Camera. It shoots full 1080p HD video." The pocket video camera retails for about $130.

Both cameras are a good price and good quality. We asked McLenon why consumers should by Kodak's products if they're concerned about the company's money problems that have been in the news recently. He believes in the product. "Yeah there's a lot of specualtion. What I would say is we're here generating new products showing our customers that were delivering the great ease of use that you can expect, the great performance of our products, the trust and reliabilty that we've always stood for. And we always will stand for."

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