Kodak To Transfer Business Park Water Franchise

Published 05/13 2013 04:59PM

Updated 07/19 2013 01:29PM

The same company that has taken over the power facility at Eastman Business Park now has plans to take over water production there too.

Kodak has agreed to transfer its water franchise to Recycled Energy Development-Rochester, LLC, which is also known as RED-Rochester.

In April 2010, Rochester City Council authorized a water franchise agreement with Eastman Kodak Company so it could sell, furnish, and distribute industrial and drinkable water to tenants in the Eastman Business Park.

However, because of Kodak's bankruptcy, it has proposed to sell its water utility to RED-Rochester.

RED-Rochester would own the water treatment and distribution facilities.

If approved by the city, the 25-year agreement would require the company to pay the city $.010 per 1,000 gallons sold.

It will also require the following:

-The rate could be increased after first five years and then annually based on the five-year percentage increase in the city's domestic water rate.

-All industrial water delivered to tenants should pay the city the compensation rate in effect at that time.

-If RED-Rochester discontinues supplying water - the city would have exclusive right to supply city water to the Eastman Business Park customers within city limits.

The Rochester City Council needs to approve the transfer.

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