Inside Look At Kodak Film Used In Spider-Man Filming

- Rochester is definitely making a mark in the filming of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". Not only is it a location choice, but Kodak film is the director's film of choice.

Director Marc Webb made the decision to switch from digital to film for this second installment of the Amazing Spider-Man. Kodak gave News 8 a peek inside the manufacturing site at Eastman Business Park, where they help make movie magic.

The film is put together in four steps, starting with the chemicals that are used all the way down to punching holes in the film. Some of it happens inside of darkrooms before it is packaged on an assembly line. Workers test the film to make sure there are no defects or flaws. They say every inch of film needs to be perfect before heading to the movie studios. Productions in India, Europe and Latin America use Kodak motion picture film. While Kodak has had some turmoil over the last year and a half, having Hollywood in town using their product is exciting.

"It is just great for us, for everyone to see the production, see their contribution and  can go up to Main Street and see the product being used," Kodak film president Andrew Evenski said.

"It's fun to see that and there is always that Rochester connection," spectator David Ealy said.

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