Bonus Day for Kodak Employees

Last week, Kodak announced a bonus for U.S. employees, and on Thursday, they received that check.

It's a five and a half percent bonus, but it was much different for employees when Kodak was booming,

This is bonus day 2013. A sharp contrast from the heydays of the then photo giant. Back in the day, bonus time became a day to celebrate for Kodak employees.

"The people at the park for example. Were excited. All the local taverns were open and people went there afterwards and celebrated," said John Larish, Kodak Retiree.

Kodak retiree John Larish retired in 1984. He says bonus day was "spectacular" and the money went right back to Rochester businesses.

"Across the street from Kodak Park, on Lake Avenue, was Pontiac. It had been there for years. Why? Because on bonus day the employees came over with their checks and bought a new car," said Larish.

This bonus day is quiet and there's little celebration. That's because Kodak is still fighting to emerge from bankruptcy and retirees like Larish feel a little bitter.   

"It seems unfair to have forgotten the people that were there and made so much," said Larish.

Larish and 56,000 retirees lost their health benefits in January because of the bankruptcy.

"It looks like they are taking  care of themselves and not those of us who gave so much to Kodak over the years. I'm just one of many people who gave. I had 15 years at Kodak, but I know people who had 25, 30, 40 years at Kodak," said Larish.

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