Flood Waters Surround Homes in Churchville

- Heavy rains have caused flooding, travel advisories, and road closures across multiple counties.  Even the buffalo bills have been affected by moving their practice at Saint John Fisher to 6:00 this evening.  The flooding has left many homeowners to deal with an unwanted problem. 

Families are stranded in parts of Churchville.  No one way in and no way out unless you want to get soaked. The good news for the Moffett Family,  the water is on its way down.  The water has completely surrounded this home on Riga Mumford road and the only way to leave is to wade through feet of flood waters.  Phil Moffett keeps a rain gauge in back.  He says water filled the instrument that can normally hold up 5 1/2 inches of water.
Phil says his property floods once or twice a decade but this is the highest its ever been.  Phillip Moffett said, "It is scary and it is very upsetting but it will go down by the end of the day but that's a long time to wait."

There is a culvert that is suppose to drain Moffett's land but he says that it is way too small. 

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