Flood Insurance Woes in Gates


Julianne Carley has written to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to get her home removed from a so-called flood zone.

A zone, which town officials say is not correct.

But it will cost her.

"I am frustrated, I just want to move because I think it's ridiculous, it makes no sense," said Julianne Carley, a homeowner.

Since at least 2008, Carley has paid for flood insurance.

Recent legislation to bail out the National Flood Insurance Program just jumped her bill about $400.

Down the block on Courtright Lane, Brenda Dupre is pumping out more too.

I was just upset because now I have to think about something that I did not budget and something that I thought should be my choice," said Brenda Dupre, a homeowner.

Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini has called on Washington to fix faulty maps.

"There will not be a flood in the Town of Gates, we do not have an ocean, we do not have a river, we don't have a lake, we have a creek," said Mark Assini, (R Gates Town Supervisor.

One of the problems with the maps are that there are places where a stream is shown, but pipes have covered it for decades.

Surveyor David LaRue is filing corrections for homeowners, which is the only way to lower insurance rates.

"We are doing these in towns from Buffalo to Saratoga just short of NYC and this is the only town we see these major differences," said David LaRue, a surveyor.

It will cost on average $500-$600 dollars for that work.

Some homeowners say they can't afford it and want FEMA to fix the problem.

"I would love it even more if they would give me my money back that I put into this because it is their mistake," said Dupre.

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