Fit Kids Holiday Eating

In the next few weeks chances are you'll see cookie plates in almost any house you visit.  To kids, this is an endless supply of sugary goodness.  But have no fear, I've got a few ways that you can limit your childs intake of high calorie holiday goodies.

You could start with simple substitution.  Did you know that the typical glass of egg nog packs a whopping 350 calories, and 22 grams of sugar?  Trying giving your kid a healthier alternative, like hot chocolate, which weighs in at just 120 calories with 15 grams of sugar.  Chances are, they won't wind!

Want a way to help track or gauge food nutrition information on the go?  There's an app for that.

I searched through the health apps on my Droid and found a simple free app called "Calorie Counter."  Then I tried it out for some of the more common holiday staples.

Foods, sweets, candy and desserts, cookies, and bingo.  A listing of some of the most popular types of cookies and their nutrition information at your fingertips. From what I can see, oatmeal cookies are one of the healthier options for your kids this holiday season.

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