Fit Families: Try Kayaking

Kayaking is picking up speed as a form of exercise in Rochester.  A racing program on Bay Creek is gaining more fans by the week.

Ginger Black considers herself an outdoor enthusiast.  "I run, I snowboard, cross-country ski, basically whatever apparatus I can get outside on, I'm on it." 

For the past ten years she's also been taking to the water at the Bay Creek Paddling Center on Empire Boulevard.  Her new weekly workout?  Wednesday night Fun Races.  Manager Dave Hulburt says the race is a 2 mile time trial that starts at the dock, goes a 1/2 mile out into the bay, up the creek and then back.  He added, "It works your core muscles, your upper body.  If you're doing it seriously you're even incorporating your legs a little bit.  It's a great aerobic exercise and it's great endurance."

The number of racers is on the rise.  Individuals, work groups, and parents and kids all take part.  Hulburt added, "We've got a lot of families bringing their kids out and taking out tandem kayaks and having a lot of fun. It's a great way to get out and enjoy the weather."

However, racing is just one of the programs available at the center.  They also offer tours, paddling clinics, and much more.  "It's great to get out and experience new things," said Hulburt. "We've got all these beautiful parks in Monroe County.  It's great to see people out enjoying them and with Ellison Park right here you can do it by the water."

Black encourages every family, no matter their fitness level, to get out on the water and give it a try.  She added "Everyone should come to Bay Creek.  It's fabulous, the people here are great, and you'll have fun."

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