Fit Families start at The Little Gym

As many parents know, the best way to develop a healthy habit in your child is to start it when they're young, and keep them doing it often.

It's a pattern practiced by many children at The Little Gym in Webster.

When now 3-year-old Danny Cheng was just 14-months-old, he behaved a lot differently.
 He still wasn't walking, and had little coordination, but his first trip to The Little Gym in Webster changed all that.
 Michele Cheng said "We brought him into class and he saw all the other kids running around and scooting around and Miss Holly started working with him and he came home and an hour later started walking."
    Miss Holly and her staff teaches tumbling, jumping and swinging to dozens of kids from 4-months to 12-years-old.
 Holly Hessel said "The Little Gym is a motor skills development program. We make it super fun our motto is "serious fun". It's serious for the kids."
    The gym's programs develop a child's motor skills through gymnastics, dance and last but not least, imagination.
    Hessel added "Our theme this week is 'Stable Abe's Flight School' so they're working on using their imagination. They're pretending to be on magic carpets while they're working in various balancing exercises."
    Children under 3 attend class with an adult.
    They learn techniques and tricks they can take home, practice and perfect, steps they take towards a fit family.
    Hessel added "That way it's fun for the whole family. It's always something new, it's always something where they can move around and show that physical activity can be really fun, as well as really good for your body as well."
    Its an important piece of the puzzle for Michele.
    She admits she didn't have the healthiest habits growing up, and aims to break that cycle with Danny, by keeping him fit and active.
    Cheng added "It's very enriching for your child, and we get a lot of satisfaction out of watching him grow, and learn, and have fun."
    For more on The Little Gym, click here.

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