Fireball Caught on Dashcam & Posted Online

People in 5 states all saw the same thing.  A fireball... then a massive sonic boom.  Video of the mysterious incident quickly made it to the web.

People saw a fireball cross the sky, explode, then fizzle out.  A sheriff's deputy from Iowa parked his cruiser in just the right place.  His dashcam caught some of the action.  Back at the station, they were getting flooded with calls about the mysterious light in the sky.

What's thought to be the same fireball was captured on a webcam on a roof at the University of Wisconsin-Madison 180 miles away.  It's got a different perspective: a big ball of light flashes in the center of the sky.

Officials can't say yet if the ball of light was a meteor or space junk.  But the National Weather Service has said that the area was expected to see a meteor shower around this time.

What do you think it was?

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