Female Vets Speak At Nazareth College

- Female veterans visited Nazareth College Wednesday night to talk about their experiences. 

The Office of Veterans Affairs at Nazareth honored International Women's Days by bringing four prominent female veterans to the school for a panel discussion. Organizers say it is an opportunity for enlisted students to see someone who was once in their shoes and a chance for civilians to learn about the reality of war. 

"Speaking at an event like this and being able to let people know that there is still a war going on and that we are still deployed overseas and that it's affecting a lot of people in the world I think can only help other people - just in awareness of what we're participating in as a culture, as a society," Jess Goodell said.

The panelists told the students why they joined the military, what they did while serving and how they are coping with the aftermath of deployment. 

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