Roger Manuse, Rochester City School District

 50 years is a long time. That's how long our News 8 Golden Apple Award winner has dedicated his life to teaching. Congratulations to Roger Manuse, a life-long educator in the Rochester City School District. 

Mr.  Manuse walked right into our surprise in the library at Rochester City School No. 43. These days he is a substitute Principal in Rochester City Schools. He was nominated by his daughter Lynnette. "I did it because my father has a passion for education and for children and he has for 50 years. and I thought this award was very deserving."

That's right. Roger Manuse has been a teacher for half a century. "Well I started in 1960 at School No. 39."

Not long after that he had a little girl in class named Nancy Dorsey. She is now a teacher at School No. 43 who says she was inspired by Mr. Manuse. "Yes he did. He was full of energy. He had a lot of patience and he loved doing Art and Science."

After School No. 39, Mr. Manuse taught at Douglas and Monroe. He retired in 1995 but started teaching future teachers, working with students at St. John Fisher, Nazareth and Geneseo Colleges. This is a veteran educator who just can't stop coming to school. "I enjoy working with young students. I am surrounded with tremendous professionals. I am finding it's fun to come to work."

Roger Manuse is a News 8 Golden Apple Award Winner. You can read the letter Lynnette wrote nominating her father below.

Dear Channel 8,

   I would like to submit the name of my father, Roger Manuse for the Golden Apple Award on behalf of the thousands of students he has taught over the past 50 years. He started at School #39- RCSD in the fall of 1959. Since that time, he has worked an administrator at Frederick Douglas MS and Monroe MS. 
   After retiring from the RCSD with 35 years under his belt, he continued his role in education as an adjunct professor at St. John Fisher and Nazareth Colleges and presently at SUNY Geneseo. This teacher now teaches new teachers. He regularly subs at RCSD School # 43. He continues to have a work with students, parents, and teachers on the staff. School #43 would be a great location to present this award to him if he were chosen.
   Although many things have changed over the past 50 years- one thing has not -his passion to teach. His passion is based on a few things- he instills in each child he meets the importance of learning, respect for each other and the importance of education throughout your entire life.
  My father is held in the highest regard among his peers. Yet, his biggest reward is in knowing his passion for education has helped countless students in the Rochester area for the past 50 years. I feel confident he is a candidate for this award and it would be a fitting way to recognize him and the celebration of 50 years in education.

Lynnette Manuse

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