Nick Titus, Sherman Elementary School

 Our News 8 Golden Apple Award winner is a teacher who goes out of his way to connect with his students. He's Third Grader Teacher Nick Titus from Sherman Elementary School in Henrietta.
Aaron Dion's entire family was in on our surprise of Nick Titus. Aaron is a fifth grader at Sherman Elementary School. Mr. Titus was Aaron's teacher for third and fourth grade. The kids call him "Mr. T", but he's anything but rough and tough. In fact, Principal Jeffrey Pollard says "Mr. T" has a gift for letting his students know he cares a great deal about every one of them. "I think what makes him kind and cool is he goes out of his way to connect with his students inside and out of school."

Mr. Titus has been a teacher for 5 years and is well known for a couple things. He has a huge tie collection: "It's Kind of a way to be fun, the kids really like to see them. And I don't wear any boring ties usually."

He's also a magician and often teaches with tricks. "A lot of times with different lessons we're working on if it applies we'll do it or sometimes at the end of a week as a reward."

Most of all, Mr. Titius says he likes being a teacher because he looks forward to see the kids everyday. "I love having fun with the kids and teaching the, When they are having a good time it makes me have a good time."

Nick Titus is a News 8 Golden Apple Award Winner. You can read the letter Aaron wrote nominating Mr. Titus below.

Dear Channel 8,

    I would like to nominate Mr. Titus for a Golden Apple award. I had Mr. Titus for both 3rd & 4th grade at Sherman Elementary. He is the kindest teacher I know. Also the coolest. He is also a Magician.
   When I got him for 3rd grade I was so excited. We have teachers for 2 years. He is the kind of teacher that gets to know the kids he will be teaching. Not only in a school level but outside the classroom.
   He gets involved in what is important to us. He came to watch me and a few kids in my classroom bowl on Saturday mornings just because he thought we would love it. And we did. Then he came to some of mine and 3 others in his classroom baseball games. Even on a Saturday. He did this for 2 years.
   In the classroom he gave us the time to be good students and made me grow into the student I am today. I hope you take the nomination into consideration. This would be the best way for me and our classroom to Thank Mr "T" for all the great things he does in and outside the class.


Aaron Dion
Sherman Elementary School

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