Kelly Scharr - Canandaigua

She's a musician with a mission to excel in everything she does. From academics, to athletics and the arts....Canandaigua Academy senior Kelly Scharr always brings her A- game. Kelly is in this week's Scholastic Arts Spotlight.


The singer with the solo in the Canandaigua Jazz Choir? Senior Kelly Scharr. She's been performing since she was 7 years old. And she's versatile.


"You can have so much passion with jazz and sing with your whole soul and that's what I really lean on, singing with my whole soul," says Kelly.


Canandaigua Academy Vocal Director Amy Story says, "She loves jazz but yet she loves to sing operatic pieces so she has a lot of variety to what she does and what she can bring to other students."


Kelly Scharr is an A-student---and she's worked hard for every accolade. Her pursuit of academic excellence includes a passion for music.


"I've always never missed a homework assignment, always worked hard in school, it's always been my top priority to get good grades and music has always come right behind that and I feel like I'm working together with it to make it all work out."


For seven years, Kelly studied voice at the Eastman School of Music. This year she was selected to sing in the all state women's choir. Fueling all her ambition? A fever for vocal performance.

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