Gregg Yaekel, Caledonia-Mumford Elementary School

 We pulled off quite a surprise for this week's Golden Apple Award. Our winner is Fourth Grade Teacher Gregg Yaekel from Caledonia-Mumford Elementary School.

Our mailbox was full after we got letters from Rachael Hurley, Alyssa Wilson, Olivia Brumfield, Isabella Georgiev and Tina Wertman. They asked us to come to their school to  surprise Mr..Yaekel with a Golden Apple Award. Energetic, awesome, outstanding, fantastic and hilarious are all words they use to describe their favorite teacher.

Believe it or not, Co-Teacher Jayne Dailey says Gregg Yaekel is all those things and more. "He never sits down. He doesn't need a teacher's chair. He's just on fire. And he gets the kids attention cause he's moving."

We decided to surprise Mr. Yaekel in the cafeteria where we'd have the help of dozen's of other excited students. We all yelled "surprise!" when he walked through the door.

Gregg Yaekel's been a Cal-Mum teacher for 12 years. He says one secret to his great relationship with students is never forgetting what it was like to be one. "I remember going through school and sometimes it was always the responsibility of the student to learn and I agree with that, but I think it's our job to make it fun."

Mr. Yaekel says he enjoys coming to work. "I mean it's a different challenge everyday. And I'd rather work with kids than adults to be honest with you. I just, I love it."

Gregg Yaekel is a News 8 Golden Apple Award Winner. You can read all five letters we got nominating him below.

Dear Channel 8, 

  Mr.Yaekel should get the award because he is the best. He can do any thing. He is funny too. so please pick Mr.Yaekel. Rachael has an auditory processing disorder that makes it hard for her to read and write, but she wanted to honor her teacher with the extra effort it takes for her to use these skills that most people take for granted.

Mead Hurley, Rachael's Father

Dear Channel 8,

  I think Mr.Yaekel would be so happy to win the Golden Apple Award because he is the best fourth grade teacher ever. He`s funny, always happy and really nice. I wish Mr.Yaekel could be my teacher for every class and every grade.

Isabella Georgiev

Dear Channel 8,

  Mr. Yaekel is very energetic and loud. He is always up for a good laugh. He always jokes around with you, but never hurts anyone. There is no one that he dislikes or is rude to. He loves and cares for everyone and that is what makes him a good teacher. He also likes to here every ones news like when we come back from a long vacation or break, he always wants to here what everyone has to say. Those are some great reasons why Mr. Yaekel should win the Golden Apple Award for this week.


Tina Wertman

Dear Channel 8,

  I think my teacher Mr.Yaekel should win because he not only is funny but he makes learning fun by making it a game. He does have a wife and she is having a baby boy so as a late Christmas gift I decided to nominate him. He makes the whole class laugh including our other three adults literally every day. He really likes kids and is really is looking forward to having his very own and first baby. School is even better with him around to turn a frown upside down.


Olivia Brumfield

Dear Channel 8,

  I am sending this in hopes Mr. Gregg Yaekel can receive this great award. He is fantastic. He goes above and beyond for every and any child that needs it. He is fun, upbeat and the kids love him. Mr. Yaekel did everything he could to help my child succeed in fourth grade and feel good about school.
  Briefly my daughter has a reading learning disability.  He used every school resource, sent home many things for us to try at home and kept us well informed on everything. Gregg will go the extra mile for any student. My daughter still stops and sees him every morning on her way to class. 
   Alyssa had Mr. Yaekel last year but he still asks about her all the time.  I sure hope that you will choose him for the next Golden Apple Award.  He deserves it. Thank you.


Christie Wilson, Alyssa's Mother

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