Eduardo Merida, RCSD School No.39

 This week's News 8 Golden Apple Award winner has spent his entire career leading by example in Rochester City Schools. He's Sixth Grade Teacher Eduardo Merida from School Number-39.

Eduardo Merida refers to his sixth graders at School No.39 as "My young ladies and gentlemen."  Mr. Merida treats them with respect and in turn they treat others with respect. He tells them "When you walk through life you can talk, you can speak, you can preach. But remember you are a walking sermon, an open book."

School No.39 Principal Kevin Klein says of Mr. Merida "I think he tells his students be the best and show the rest. And they model good behavior in and out of classrooms. He teaches them good academic skills in and out of the classroom."

Mr. Merida was nominated by student Dayla Smullen. "He's like a good teacher. He's a role model to me and he means a lot to everyone."

Eduardo Merida has been a teacher for 25 years, all in city schools. He says "I've been blessed with a wonderful bunch of students. They are really working very hard. This is amazing but thank you so much."

He says it's very satisfying to watch kids learn. "The light goes on, and that's just priceless. The moment they get something, that's what they work for. That's our aim just to be able to see that they can think on their own."

Eduardo Merida is a News 8 Golden Apple Award Winner. You can read the letter Dayla wrote us nominating Mr. Merida below.

Dear Channel 8,

   I think you should pick my teacher at School No.39 because he's nice and he really loves his job and his mom. Mr. Merida's mom is 91 years old and he really loves her and he likes to take his mom out to dinner and he loves to make us happy. Now we can make him and his mom happy!
    He's been teaching 6th grade for 15-16 years. Everyone that cares about Mr. Merida thinks he really deserve this.

Sincerely, from all his students!

Dayla Smullen
6th grader RCSD School No.39

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