Craig Bodensteiner, Leo Bernabi School

 It took us a while to get there, but it was worth it. Fifth Grade Teacher Craig Bodensteiner of the Leo Bernabi Elementary School is this week's Golden Apple Award Winner.

Tyler Rist , Allison Tabone and Stephanie Campbell each sent us letters nominating Mr. Bodensteiner for a Golden Apple Award. "Well he's a really good teacher and I'm glad I got him" says Stephanie. Adds Tyler "He makes learning fun, he always jokes around with us." Allison explains why they asked us to come and say thank you to Mr. Bodensteiner. "Because he's a great teacher and he teaches us good stuff like we need to know to go to Middle School."

Craig Bodensteiner says his classroom is a big family. The kids are like brothers and sisters, he's the dad and the mom. Students love him because he expects a lot from them. "And if you think back to the teachers of your youth the teachers you remember are the ones who had high expectations, who pushed you and challenged you and at the same time motivated you. Those are the teachers you remembered and prepared you for life."

Tyler, Allison and Stephanie will never forget Mr. Bodensteiner. And he'll never forget them. "I think the kids know how much I appreciate everything they do in the classroom. But It's always nice to hear something positive and this means a lot to me. Thank you very much."

Craig Bodensteiner is a News 8 Golden Apple Award Winner. You can read the letters we received nominating him below.

Dear Channel 8,

  Mr. Bodensteiner inspires each and every student to always do their best work. He teaches them respect and, in turn, he is respectful to them. He has a way of bringing out the best in each individual. The qualities he expects in the classroom has carried over at home. I am having the best year I have ever had at Leo Bernabi. I thank Mr. Bodensteiner for truly being an inspiration.
Stephanie Campbell

Dear Channel 8,

  My teacher Mr. Bodensteiner, deserves the Golden Apple Award because he is the best teacher I have ever had. Although he is strict, and demands our respect, he is funny and makes learning fun. He always makes sure we are prepared for our tests and that we will be ready to go to sixth grade! He also does a lot of fun things with us during recess, like playing baseball. He is the best.

Allison Tabone

Dear Channel 8,

  Mr. Bodensteiner is a great teacher. I am prepared to move on to the middle school next year. He is more than a teacher, he truly cares about each and everyone of his students. I have so much respect for him. I have matured because of him and my mom.
  Mr. B. listens to us and holds us responsible for everything. I know I will be successful because of what he has taught us. Mr. B. makes learning fun. I never want to miss a day of school because he is such a great teacher. Mr. B. is the best teacher that I have ever had. I have had really good teachers at my school but they do not compare to this year.
  I graduate the 5th grade this year. There would be nothing greater to me than Mr. B getting recognized for all his efforts and dedication to his students. I wish I could have Mr. B. move on with me throughout middle and high school. Thank you for reading my essay!

Tyler Rist
 (A proud student of Mr. B.'s classroom)

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