Caitlin Neeland - Pembroke High School

Caitlin Neeland is an exceptional artist, but for her, art is more than just painting and drawing.  Whether it's at home, or in the studio at Pembroke High School, Caitlin uses art to express her deepest feelings.  Caitlin has submitted several pieces into local and national art competitions. Her impeccable work ethic shows in everything she does, from drawing, to photography, to graphic design.

"She always struck me as a student who's really determined and focused and passionate about everything she does," says art teacher Rebecca Schuler. "That hasn't changed in all the time I've known her and it's a quality I really respect in her."

"It's a great experience to explore your creativity and what you can be in the future," says Caitlin. "It's a great way to express your feelings to others. You can go anywhere with it."

Caitlin will study graphic design at SUNY Fredonia.  Those who know her say because she's talented, she'll go far.  Because she's determined, she'll go wherever she wants, using her artistic vision as the ultimate guide.

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