Brennan Cockey - Spencerport HS

Brennan Cockey is an award-winning musician in an award-winning ensemble.  The Spencerport High School Jazz Ensemble has won top awards at musical festivals across the country.  At the Heritage Music Festival in Washington, Brennan stood out, winning the Maestro Award for his saxophone solo.    "I love this band and I love the music," he says.  "I try to just keep it together, I practice and try my hardest and give it everything I've got when I'm performing."

"He's involved in the choral program, instrumental program, he plays the piano beautifully, he composes," says Alan Jones.  "He takes advantage of everything we do here in Spencerport and he does everything well.  His work ethic is incredible."

For all his accomplishments, Brennan is happiest when he supports other musicians.  He looks up to Band Director John Viavattine, an accomplished saxophonist, and a member of
Rochester's hit Latin band, The Mambo Kings.

"I hope to be in bands like him and teach at the same time because you get to do what you love and teach it to others," Brennan says.

Brennan doesn't just excel in the saxophone.  He also sings.  Next month, he'll join the best student musicians in the state when he sings in the All State Mixed Choir.  Next year he's off to college, and a career in music education.

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