Anna Wettergreen - Bloomfield

This is Anna Wettergreen's self-portrait.  She put all her heart into it, and a lot of research too.  "I had to use photoshop to create the composition, and the painting took hours and hours and hours," she says.  This Bloomfield High School senior is meticulous and thoughtful about everything she does.  She keeps an artist's diary, chock full of notes, drawings and sketches that fuel her artwork.  "I have for example, research about Salvadore Dali for a couple of my pieces," she says, "and then I have thumbnail sketches.  It's kind of where all my thought process occurs so there's meaning behind my work, rather than just painting a tree to paint a tree."


Anna is a top notch student who's just as interested in psychology as she is art.

Along with her accomplishments inside the classroom and the art studio, she's traveled across Eastern Europe, and the US.  "She's just a well-rounded student," says teacher Amy Wylot.  "I think she's going to do very, very well.  I'd just say, have fun, be creative, and keep your energy alive."


Although she prefers acrylic painting, Anna also draws and works with clay. Next year, she'll attend Carnegie Mellon University.

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