Farmer's Market for Kids

Behind Clara Barton School No. 2, there's a half-acre urban farm full of flowers and produce. Students take pride in their hard work.

"Sometimes we water all the plants and we take the seeds and we replant them," said Thomas Yaw.

"When they participate in the food system, and they have a hands-on experience, they are more likely to eat the food that they have grown themselves, they are more likely to try it," said Jan McDonald, Executive Director of Rochester Roots.

Thanks to Rochester Roots, students can see their produce develop from seed to market.

"This year, we are offering the produce to the community through what we call our Urban Farm Share Program, combining produce from this urban farm with a large scale organic farm that is located in Williamson, NY, it's Mason Farms, and combining that and distributing that through the local community," said McDonald.

This program not only benefits students but it also benefits local neighborhoods who purchase the produce at an affordable price.

The price? $21 for a bundle of fruits and vegetables, and local families can use food stamps. The market also teaches business skills.

"We want to give them the opportunity to learn some job skills while they are in school, so that when they become 14-years-old and they are ready for their first job, they have some experience working with the community, counting change, customer service," said McDonald.

"I'm a hard worker and I like to do stuff. I'm's a lot of fun," said Yaw.

The market at the school is open every Friday from 3 until 6.

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