Families With Missing Loved Ones React to Cleveland News

    Dawn Drexel's daughter, Brittanee has been missing for four years. Barbara Sullivan's son, Brian disappeared close to six years ago.
    Both say the Cleveland cases bring them happiness and hope.
"I'm not going to think that Brittanee is not alive. You need to show me her body," Dawn said.
    Brittanee went missing April 25, 2009 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina while on a spring break trip with some friends.
    She was 17-years-old.    
"We believe that Brittanee may be out there. I've never felt that feeling that a mom gets when a child's gone."
    Brian was last scene July 8th, 2007 at the Burger King on Chili Avenue in Gates.
    Brian's family has never stopped searching.
"I'm helping to find him," said Brian's young nephew, Kaleb Murphy. Kaleb has never met his uncle.
"We wake up thinking today could be the day for answers we prayed for everyday that this is the day," added Barbara.
"You know that they're safe and that is absolutely amazing. It is a very, very special day, " said Ed Suk, who is the Executive Director for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children New York branch.
    Two of the three Cleveland women were profiled with the center.
"These things happen and we're seeing them with a little bit more frequency," added Suk. "They inspire tremendous hope for those families that are still searching for their missing loved ones."
    Once more, Suk said success stories help by putting other unsolved cases back in the spotlight.
"It raises awareness in the public and it may shake someone's memory and provide us with a clue or a lead to break these cases wide open."
"It's the call every parent or sibling or anyone with a missing loved one in their family wants everyday," Barbara said.

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