Fairport Students Take on Bullying

Some Fairport students are hoping their anti-bullying message reaches their classmates and other students across the area.

Allen Thorogood and Ashley Ince are both seniors at Fairport High School.

They are members of an advanced film production class and as part of their project were tasked with making a video about bullying.

"As a person who is normally not bullied I was surprised to see that there is a lot of bullying going around here," said Allen Thorogood, who worked on the project.

The pair gathered classmates and school staff to hold a circle discussion about bullying.

"When I always thought of bullying I always thought it was kind of physical, shoving people. But I realized people can be really mean with words " Ashley Ince, who worked on anti-bully project.

Students shared their experiences of being bullied and ways to prevent bullying within their school and throughout the community. You can find the video online: http://www.fairport.org/HighSchool.cfm


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