Fairport Police Investigating Suspicious Death


Fairport Police and emergency responders lined Elm Street after a 911 call to authorities.

Fairport Police say a woman called saying that her boyfriend was missing and might be in the trunk of a car.

They say a man's body was instead found inside 19 Elm Street.

"We did not find him deceased in the trunk of his car, but we did find a deceased male in the residence, cause of death would be a gunshot wound," said Chief Maureen Chisholm, Fairport Police.

Police are still determining what led to the death.

They say the girlfriend was interviewed but not taken into custody.

Chief Maureen Chisholm says they do treat this as a homicide, because they don't know that it is not, but will continue to

A neighbor down the street just moved to Fairport from Rochester.

"It can happen anywhere, luck of the draw I guess. It's not going to make me look down on the neighborhood it's a great place. I just hope the families of the victim find out what happened to him," said David Miller, neighbor

Neighbors say they worry about robberies on this block but never something quite like this.

"I think it makes the neighborhood feel a little - that that could happen - next door but don't think that changes how people feel about the neighborhood in general," said Brent Owens, a neighbor

"Stuff like this happens, you are not safe anywhere you live but it might make me think twice about maybe staying on this street," said Chelsea Owens, a neighbor

One neighbor who did not want to show her face on camera says the medical examiner removed the man's body from the basement.

She only saw the couple a few times.

"I think it will come out, seeing what was happening with both of them," said Traci Stants, a neighbor.

Fairport Police say the Monroe County Medical Examiner will now do an autopsy.

The man's name is not being released at this time and no one is in custody at this time.

They expect more information in the next couple of days.

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