Facebook Throws A Life Preserver To Parents, Teens

Facebook is a place where bullies can continue after school lets out, or where friends can post inappropriate pictures. There's something new for parents of teens who get in too deep.

Facebook is throwing everyone a life preserver when it comes to being safe online. The new Safety Center is geared toward teens, parents, police and teachers.

Common problems facing teens online are cyberbullying and people impersonating them. Your teens should at the very least learn how to block or report problem people.

Parents want to do all they can to make sure their kids are safe. You may think friending them may be a good idea, but your teen may think you're trying to spy. Facebook says you should talk in real life and step up some rules. If you are friends, agree on rules like not flooding your kids' pages with comments, or friend their friends.

The Center tells police how to report possible terrorists or sex offenders. Teachers can learn how to be an advocate for students who come to them about online abuse.

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