Facebook App Scammed Users; Quickly Zapped

 It was a nasty piece of spam that made the rounds on Facebook Monday morning.  But before it went too far, it got zapped.

It started with a message from a friend.  They "Like" your photo but if you wanted to see the picture (by clicking on a link), you had to allow the application to access your information.  That's where the trouble began.

"Like" installed Farnville which mimics the insanely popular Farmville game.  What's worse, it used your name - without your permission - to contact other friends.  Some even reported malware (or pop-up ads) on your computer because of this so-called application.

Facebook users became wise to the spam almost immediately.  Thousands spread the word and Facebook was listening.  The program was quickly shut down but not before hundreds of people walked right into the trap.

Bloggers took note of the problem.  The thought is as Facebook continues to grow, there will be more applications like this that will intentionallY try to confuse users.

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