Eye Protection For Young Athletes

It's something that not a single kid wants to walk around with - a big black eye.  Although it may be something that disappears quickly, an eye injury could result in a much longer term problem, including cataracts or even loss of vision.

"A blow to the eye could cause retinal detachment, which would be retinal problems that could require surgery and could be vision threatening," said Krista Jagoda, O.D., of OcuSight Eye Care Center.

If your child plays sports and relies heavily on one eye for vision because of a lazy eye, they especially need the protection.

"Its even more important that they wear protective glasses," said Jagoda. "If you're only relying on one eye for most of your visiion, you have to be extra careful."

Making the transition from glasses to rec specs isn't all that hard.  There are dozens of varieties, styles, and colors.  So being safe doesn't mean being nerdy.

"They come in every color and every pattern imaginable.  Every celebrity has their name associated with every type of glasses or sports goggles, Oakley's come out with different types, they're very fashionable," said Jagoda.

So play hard, and play it safe with your eyes.

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