Extraordinary People: Humans for Education

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - There are so many charitable organizations around the world doing their best to change things for the better – but not many of them are started by someone in their mid-twenties.

But since 2015, a group with the goal of educating and changing the world has been run by one, largely out of her Rochester living room.

Daphne Pariser, the founder of Humans for Education, said the idea started more than a decade earlier during a family trip to Kenya.

"These kids were my age and I couldn’t remember a time I'd been out on the streets, by myself, without my parents,” said Pariser. “But these kids were out working for themselves at that point."

"After hearing her story and the kinds of things her organization was doing, I got really excited about it, because she's young like I am,” said Cait Fallone, the health and sanitation program manager. “But she's doing something she's super passionate about and I had found that kind of rare."

Fallone is the newest member of the largely volunteer staff. The goal of Humans for Education is to help struggling schools with finances.

“Every $1 that you invest in education typically results in a $10 economic return,” Pariser said.

Currently, they work with a boarding school in Kenya and help them raise cattle.

"They're on 42 acres of land which will allow them to host 40 to 50 cows,” said Pariser. “They stay on the land for about 6 months and we sell them for double what we bought them for."

But they're working towards small cultural changes as well.

"They just got running water, which is phenomenal,” said Fallone. “But if you didn't have running water before, how were you washing your hands prior?"

Some of the changes may seem minor, but the educated children can have a big impact bringing the lessons back to their communities.

"Yes, we're still small, and yes, we're still learning and growing in staff and finances,” Fallone said. “But we're really doing something we are passionate about and we're getting somewhere."

"One of our core foundations is that we think ordinary people can really do extraordinary things,” said Pariser. “I don't think I'm all that different from other people. I just knew from 10 years old I wanted to do this and when the opportunity presented itself, I just ran with it."

Humans for Education says that this is just the beginning. They have new fundraising campaigns they're starting in February, and they're hoping to get into more schools in Kenya – and someday, more schools around the world.

Humans for Education has multiple ways to donate, for those willing to help out. They’re starting a monthly donation campaign and will offer a free t-shirt to the first people who donate $10 or more at humansforeducation.org/monthly.

Or, you can throw a fundraiser in their honor at humansforeducation.org/campaign.

If you can’t donate financially, but want to show support, you can like Humans for Education on Facebook here.

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