Extraordinary People: East Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance Service 'A-Team'

EAST BLOOMFIELD, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - Across the country, thousands of volunteer first responders dedicate their time and energy into helping their communities.

In East Bloomfield, three of those volunteers really stand out.

"Without the volunteers here, the ambulance service would not survive," said Chief Ken Beers.

For towns like East Bloomfield, having a volunteer ambulance service is a huge relief.

"I think that's one thing that a small community ambulance service does,” said volunteer EMT Terry Hall. “We know this community, we are that calming face."

And luckily for the residents of East Bloomfield, three volunteers known to many as the “A-Team” – Terry Hall, Gina Zaino, and Gary Bidwell – are usually on stand-by.

"These three folks really are dedicated to the community,” Beers said. “They're the primary crew in Bloomfield every day, 7 days a week."

"Gary, Terry, and myself – I would say – are on the majority of the calls that come through, because I work from home and Terry and Gary are retired,” said Zaino. “So we're around town most of the time."

"We're not in it to be recognized,” said Bidwell. “We just do it because we want to, and it keeps us busy."

And busy they are. It's rare that at least one member of the A-Team isn't responding to a call. Their time together has created lasting friendships.

"Oh we’re close, very close,” said Bidwell. “We harass each other something terrible."

"Terry and Gary have been my mentors. They helped me with driving. They helped push me into getting my EMT certification and helping me do my testing and practicals,” Zaino said. “There's nothing like learning from the best."

"We're all really close,” said Hall. “Many mornings we go for coffee downtown at Bradley J's, then come up here and see what needs to be done, cleaning or paperwork."

All of them were shocked to learn they'd been suggested to News 8 as extraordinary people.

"We don't always get a thank you, and when we do we really appreciate it," Zaino said.

So we’d like to say thank you, to the East Bloomfield A-team – and to all of the other volunteer first responders.

The East Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance Service is a division of the Canandaigua Emergency Squad – and say they’re always looking for more volunteers to join the A-Team. For more information how you can help, click here.

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