Extraordinary People: Deborah Goehring

An Extraordinary volunteer at the Salvation Army

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - Deb Goehring and some other volunteers are busy making "smittens" for men at the Salvation Army's shelter. They are mittens made from donated sweaters.  
Goehring says, "The idea is to make 40 pairs, at least, of the smittens and obviously we have 10 boxes of sweater parts here, so I'm sure we'll be making a lot more."
Goehring has volunteered with the Salvation Army for the past 20 years. Not only does she work on this project, she helps them in about eight other ways throughout the year - like the Thanksgiving dinner, Operation Family time, and Project Bundle Up, where children in need go shopping for brand new winter jackets that are free.     
"When the kids go back to get on the bus, they hand you a thank you card and it's just the coolest thing. They are so cute, so adorable and they are so grateful. That they are able to get something nice and warm and snuggly which is awesome," says Goehring.  
Deb first got involved with the Salvation Army through the Frontier Pioneers. It's an all volunteer group at Frontier Communications.
Goehring says, "Frontier is wonderful in that one of the things they encourage is being involved in your community and being active in your community and we all have taken that to heart."
But Deb has taken that volunteer spirit to whole new level - and she has a very personal reason for doing it.  
"My son passed away 7 years ago from a drug overdose, and so I have a very big affinity for especially the folks who are homeless and into the whole drug scene and everything." she says.  "The volunteering fills a big hole."
As she continues to heal from her tragic loss, she knows she is helping others with every stitch of her needle.  
"For me it just fills my heart and I enjoy it," says Goehring.    

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